Lesson 18 – Being Truly Free – Undoing Past Decisions

Life is an accumulation of decisions,some wise, some not!  The nature of a decision is that it cuts off options for taking a different direction, or it solidifies a meaning given at the time of the decision.  None of the difficulties caused by past decisions need to remain a prison for you to live in for ever.  There is a way out, and that way is to begin to recognize that you have decided something that can be undone.

Freedom from bondage

To undo the past decisions, take full responsibility for them and bring that decision to the light of present knowledge and truth.  In that moment you can decide to not keep that decision.  You are then free to choose!

In this lesson learn the difference between decisions and choices.  How past decisions have been undone and new direction and meanings can empower you to live a life truly free.

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