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Dr. Robert Pope

Transperative is a method of coaching and healing that transforms the reactive mind. There is urgency for a profound shift in personal and planetary consciousness. It begins with you. Are you willing to be the one who impacts families, groups, societies, governments, and the world. Are you willing to be magnificent?

Imagine… having the power to create your life exactly the way you want it to be… Be someone who makes a profound difference in the world… Have access to the power to heal yourself, experience profound peace, and be fulfilled and successful!

That is possible when you are ready and willing to be fully responsible for life! Are you ready to have a profound shift in effectiveness, influence and performance? Are you coachable?

I’d like to introduce our founder:

Dr Robert Pope, a master in transformational healing and coaching, retired from Chiropractic after 32 years of practice. He has devoted his life to assisting others live a life they love. He has assisted (coached) thousands of patients and clients find health, happiness, and success.

His passion is facilitating transformation and he is considered an expert in integrative transformation.  Fluent in Applied Kinesiology and integration, he dynamically alters the course of his clients life by assisting their alignment with JOY!

His method is not directed at the body anymore, he knows that effective, real change happens when there is a change in the way you see yourself and the world.

Dr Pope’s work includes personal, professional, and interpersonal group dynamics. Having lead 3 and 4 day intensives, you can be confident that his scope of experience and compassion will lighten your burdens, uplift your countenance, and bring joy into your life.

You may have the privilege to work with him personally. Just ask!

As demand continues to grow, you can be assured that our growing number of coaches make it possible for you to have access to this cutting edge methodology.

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