Lesson 10 – Levels of Consciousness

There are many ways of viewing the world.  In fact the way one sees the world is directly correlate with the amount of fear or love one operates with.  These varying levels of consciousness give us the wide variety of opinions and points of view that make humanity unique.  Dr. David Hawkins gives us this map of consciousness as a guide to understanding.  See his book ‘Power vs Force’.Power v Force


With our unique views, we argue over which one is right and it may be that they are neither right nor wrong, just different ways of seeing.  When you understand why you see the world the way you do, you can upgrade your point of view in ways that cause you to experience more joy and peace.

As your consciousness raises you will have more power to attract what you want with velocity and with less struggle and suffering.  Upgrading consciousness is the key!  Listen and see how.