Lesson 12 – SELF Betrayal an Unconscious Act

Many feel the acute quilt of betraying oneself.  Their is so much pain and depression.  Yet there is a deep chronic betrayal that has been happening since you were a child.  The innocent child, the powerful authentic soul has been denied since you took on being YOU!

Before you were aware of a separate self, you were free and unencumbered by the cares of the world. Before you were domesticated and began to seek for approval, support, love and acceptance, you were powerful, attractive and a messenger of love.

Now you seek to be loved, you lie, distort the truth to be acceptable and in doing that you lost your innocence and the awareness of who you are.  You took on the way of the victim and in doing that you lost!

Being in the trap, you reconciled by not remembering Self Betrayalwho you are and invalidating yourself and others around you.  You became less to fit in to a world where everyone else has also been lost to the truth of who they are.

Now is the time to remember!  Now is the time to awaken, returning to your innocence, to your powerful SELF.

In this lesson you will find some of the ways of the journey back to the TRUTH.