Lesson 14 – The Two Worlds: Virtual and Real

Can you distinguish the real world from your virtual world?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Experience has both reality and illusion components in it. Both worlds are present yet one is superimposed over the other. The illusion has been superimposed over reality. This view of the world becomes the personal world of the individual. The personal realty the “I” calls truth. For the most part, the” I” is unaware of the superimposed world as an overlay of the real world. It experiences life as “just the way it is, was, or will be.” Consider this is not the truth, only a perspective; a personal way of seeing and experience each and every moment of life. Virtual World

Reality is life – just the way it is – without the superimposed opinions, judgments, and evaluations that the isolated individual perspective must add to “life”.

Without the assistance of ‘one who sees the world as it really is’, “I” cannot distinguish reality from illusion. Reality is obscured when one is in the world of illusion. Who is it that sees the world truly? Consider it is the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, The Spirit of God, the Higher Self. By many names it is The Authentic Divine SELF. This SELF reveals ITSELF to the “I” moment by moment and replaces the “I’s” confusion with ITS clarity. The Authentic Divine SELF is not deceived by the “I’s” misperceptions. IT sees from a higher perspective, free from the fog and haze of a lifetime of accumulated distortions.

This lesson assists in getting these worlds distinguished powerfully.

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