Lesson 16 – Making Powerful Requests

Growing up, I admired the kids who accomplished many things. What I noticed most about them is that they felt free to ask others for help. I was afraid to ask, I was afraid of looking stupid, needy, inadequate, and weak, so I avoided asking and tried to figure out how I could survive by trying to do as much as possible by myself. When I learned to ask powerfully for what I wanted my life changed!Request

In truth, our lives are made successful by making a series of requests. Our ability to achieve results require the cooperation of others. How free and effective are you in getting the collaboration of others?  Do you feel at ease asking for assistance? Or, are you afraid?

There is a difference between powerful and weak requests. Weak requests are mostly filled with fear or hope.  Neither of which has the request be powerful. Listen to the lesson and identify for yourself the components that would turn your requests into powerful, win-win opportunities.

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