Lesson 17 – Living a Life Free of Concerns

Life is filled with concerns.  We have been trained to worry, fret, manipulate, dominate, and try to change the way things are to manage our concerns.  We gossip and complain about those things that we are concerned about and we sometimes take action to resolve them.  Despite all the work we do, the concerns last.  Concern

Consider that the concerns remain unresolved, or the appear over and over again, is that there is an inner conflict.  Our conscious self says we want this to be gone, but our unconscious self is holding onto to it relentlessly.

Some of the common concerns we have is looking good, is life (or this situation) fair, will there be enough for me and others, am I acceptable and desirable, am I in trouble, and do I belong.

In this lesson we look deeper into this world of concerns and what it may take for you and I to live a life where we are not stuck with concerns.  We can be free to deal with them and have them disappear.

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