Lesson 20 – Broken Agreements

I asked the people on the call today if they knew anyone who had never broken an agreement.  Of course, no one had!  We could say that it is the nature of a human to not keep his or her agreements all the time.  Some people haExcussesve a greater capacity to keep their agreements than others, never the less, we all are impacted by broken agreements.
How can we have power in our life when agreements that are broken need to be cleaned up?  One key is to stop making people bad and wrong for breaking the agreements.  It serves us much better to move this problem away from morality into the realm of integrity.

When we operate from a moral perspective we increase the issSadnessue by compounding the impact of a broken agreement with guilt, shame, withdrawal of love and other forms of punishment.  This leaves us separated, dis-empowered and dysfunctional.

In this lesson you will hear how you can restore power in your life by dealing with yours and others broken agreement from the world of integrity.