Lesson 21 – Clean-up Conversations

There are people alive that are no longer in your life and you are worried that if you ran into them, it would be uncomfortable, weird, or embarrassing.  These are relationships that are incomplete for you.  There is something between you and them that needs to be cleaned up.

True-FriendshipIn this lesson, you will gain access to the tools and the means for getting complete with the people in your life that are important enough to you to have peace and harmony restored, even if  you never see them again.

All we really have is the relationships we share with others.  If you want to be powerful and able to create a life you love, that is filled with joy, you must be adept at cleaning up the messes that you make along the way.  And if you are human, you have made many messes.  If you haven’t, you’re not up to anything important!

to anything important!

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