Lesson 23 – Service is a Natural Act

Confusing service with having to, got to, need to, and must do, leaves us frustrated because we find ourselves resisting the very thing we are doing in the moment. This resistance is the feeling of anger, frustration, and bitterness.  So in the moment of our action, there is the sense of being forced by someone.  In our minds we are slaves.slavery

Would you consider that slavery is a concept you are applying to the situation you are in and it is you who hold you captive resenting the very thing you are doing because you are telling yourself that you shouldn’t be doing that?

What you are doing is “what is” and that is the highest order!  To say it another way, what you are doing is authentic simply because you are doing it!  What you are saying about it in your head is in-authentic.  So to pretend that you are being a “no” to the very thing you are doing as a “yes” will stress you, literally to death.  Give up the pretense of the no and step into the authenticity of real service.

This lesson is a favorite, listen and see if you can find access to greater peace and power in your life.