Lesson 24 – Radical Forgiveness

Often it is difficult to forgive others when we feel we have been injured, betrayed, hurt, or abandoned.  And even with assistance from clergy, coaches and therapist, the one that seems the hardest to forgive is ourselves.

forgivenessWhat is forgiveness but a change of mind?  It is seeing the situation differently.  That is not always the way the world see it.  In the world we try to forgive what happened and what happened cannot be changed.  It is in the realm of “what is”.  What can change is how we see the situation.

How we see anything is a function of the meanings and values we place upon what happens. The decisions we make about ourselves and others, the conclusions and judgement, are all add-on’s to what actually happened.

It is here where forgiveness is possible.  This is where a change of mind can occur.

In this lesson we will explore this deeper.