Lesson 33-We Begin Now

This moment is the only moment that has any power. Now is the closest we get to Eternity. There is no other time than now that we can forgive, extend love, make a difference, and be peacefully filled with joy. All we have or have ever had is now.

It may seem like there is a past and a future, but they exist in the memory and imagination of this now moment. The past is remembered and it is to be honored, the future is possibilities to be brought into existence. When we are responsible for all of the now’s we usher in a future that guarantees our success as a species, as cultures, families, and individuals.

Stars In The Milky Way

Giving up our resentments from the past and our worries about the future allow us to be loving and honoring now. Here we are powerful, creative, responsible, and peaceful.

I invite all to relax into this moment, breath with intention, serve with a loving heart, and extend compassion to yourself and others freely.

I am grateful for each of you, I love you, and I am honored to be part of your life.