Personal Growth and Development the Key to the Experience of Being Successful At the foundation of who we are is a deep desire to evolve and become more. Often we confuse this desire with the belief tGrowthhat who we really is not enough, lacking, and deficient. This view of self has us jumping around seeking approval, love, and acceptance from others in order to fill the void of self worth. Maybe there is another way! Let’s  begin the journey of personal growth with a new paradigm. A foundation of who we are as whole, perfect and complete and from there see what is in the way that keeps us unaware of the TRUTH of who we are. To be really successful, you must know who you are and be freed of the limitations you have lived from by believing the lies you have told yourself that keep you small, or pretending to be bigger than you really believe you are deep inside. So we begin a journey of removing the barriers to love and the the false programming that keeps you in fear and lack. I invite you to come along as we ponder the ramifications and the means to opening up yourself to greater levels of performance, power, influence,and joy. This is the beginning of a series of lessons that transform how you see yourself and what is possible.
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