Reality or Illusion?

Robert D Pope/ October 26, 2015

Experience has both reality and illusion components in it. Both worlds are present yet one is superimposed over the other. The illusion has been superimposed over reality. This view of the world becomes the personal world of the individual. The personal realty the “I” calls truth. For the most part, the” I” is unaware of the superimposed world as an

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Experiencing the Fire

Robert D Pope/ October 7, 2011

Thou shall not judge, the proclamation read, yet judge was all “it” did. Assessing, evaluating, comparing, on and on “it” goes…unending. The proof, accumulations piled higher and higher, like kindling tinder With branch and logs of pointing fingers prepared the funeral pyre. Condemn them to hell and let them burn the Preacher demanded. Yet mercy stepped in, holding up a

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Communication and Perception

Robert D Pope/ March 28, 2011

Starting with the certainty that I am 100% responsible for my life being the way it is and it is not – it is essential to recognize that my belief systems are the core cause of my life experience. A belief is the result of a personal, culturally conditioned perception.  Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds

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The Right Use of Language

Robert D Pope/ March 28, 2011

It occurs to me that my world is created in language. By being aware of how language impacts me, I can alter my occurring world by altering language-what I believe and say.  The following is an excerpt from one of my favorite books in the chapter titled, The Right Use of Language, by Ken Carey. The term spelling is used

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What Am I Waiting For? Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

Robert D Pope/ March 18, 2011

IF NOT YOU, WHO? Waiting for someone else to do it, kept me out of the experience of peace and joy. To realize each moment that no one is coming to my rescue had me realize, I am the one! I am the savior I have been waiting for. It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over

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A Peek into Heaven

Robert D Pope/ December 16, 2009

After completing the Landmark Forum in 2003, I found myself in state of bliss that lasted for five days. I thought that I had finally achieved enlightenment.  I experienced my mind being very quiet and the world around me to be a very kind, peaceful place. For several weeks prior I had been suffering from a miserable state of depression. 

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Hidden Double Binds

Robert D Pope/ December 10, 2009

As humans, our minds contain a complex collection of programs that we have inherited and acquired though our lifetime. These programs are composite mixes of conflicting data all vying for expression in our lives. The conflicted programming we have inherited keeps our small egoic nature dominating our lives. This is the source of much suffering and delay in getting what

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Authenticity Deepens Relationships

Robert D Pope/ January 27, 2009

Have you ever wondered why your greatest friends can tell you anything? Relationships that are authentic feel caring, accepting and kind. Real sympathy is derived by sharing from the heart and telling it like it is. Ester and Amy are best friends. They were not always that way. Two years ago Amy walked into Ester’s life just as Ester was

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Be Here Now

Robert D Pope/ August 27, 2008

My hair stylist, Holly, shared a story with me today about her young daughter.  She told me that when her daughter was three she would come up to her and grab her face in her little hands and look her straight in her eyes and say; “Are you here Mommy, I am here, are you here?”  It dawned on her a

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What would happen if we were all happy?

Robert D Pope/ August 22, 2008

Here I sit in a class on blogging and the importance of blogging in creating viral marketing and getting “the word” out.  In my life so far, sharing what I have to say with others in a written format has not been a passion.  I prefer to talk with you face to face, feel your emotions and read your body

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