Dr. Robert Pope

Transformational healer, doctor, international speaker, personal and corporate coach and educator.


With his playful compassionate style, Dr. Pope weaves many layers of paradigm altering discoveries from quantum science, the adepts of the past, spiritual psychology, and the technologies of transformation and integration.

Blending this with his own unique spiritual psychology and methodologies he enable clients to realize the Success, Love, Trust, Ease and Joy they crave. Real results begin at once!

Dr. Pope’s eclectic knowledge base is steeped in an array of synergistic technologies which profoundly deepen his perception and ability to coach in ways that heal and transform. In his early Chiropractic career, he learned to read the body, then the mind. Always seeking a more impactful and lasting result for his patients, Dr. Pope found his orientation shifting from body context to consciousness context.
“The body follows the mind. It has to, it doesn’t have a choice.”(Byron Katie)

As Dr. Pope says, People always act consistent with the way they see their world….but only 100% of the time! Points of view are neither right nor wrong. They’re points of view. When you shift your point of view (raise your consciousness), new ways of being and acting are available.”

In his distinguished career, Dr. Pope has treated, taught, and coached thousands of individuals. He meets them with love where they are and helps them discern their limiting beliefs and assumptions. This level of connection and access unveils people’s level of consciousness, so underlying blocks can be revealed and transformed readily. Dr. Pope’s blend of technologies upgrades performance and positive outcomes with speed. Through conversation, Circles of Life Geotran coding and Dr. Pope’s Double Bind Clearing technologies, shifts begin immediately.

Dr. Pope received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with honors. His postgraduate training included extensive training in Applied Kinesiology, Behavioral Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology and Educational Kinesiology. He became certified in Geotran Circles of Life Technology – designed to bring about rapid changes in behavior, thoughts and feelings through the use of Meta-Geometric Harmonization techniques, shifting the clients’ morphogenetic field. Subsequently, he became certified as an instructor, teaching advanced Geotran technique across the US.

For decades he has practiced The Work of  Byron Katie, using her inquiry methods to free clients up from limiting and painful beliefs. He studied and mastered Dr. David Hawkins’ Power vs Force Scale of Consciousness to uncover hidden determinants of human behavior. For almost a decade he advanced through many levels and programs in Landmark Education, focused on personal transformation. Ultimately, Dr. Pope melded the above technologies synergistically with his own inspiration and developed the Double Bind Clearing, which opens up pathways in consciousness hidden from our view. This wisdom is woven together in the Transperative Method to free up clients to get the results they want and a life they love.

In addition, Dr. Pope has received a Doctorate in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Divinity from the Compassionate Order of Service Theological Seminary and is an active Compassionate Order of Service Minister.

Dr. Pope engages in one-on-one personal as well as corporate coaching. He has produced a variety of webinars, one to 4-day Intensives, with Intensive Retreats coming soon.

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