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Group Coaching


Be part of a group of like-minded people who are committed to having a breakthrough in their performance and personal power.

The dynamic power of group-mind accelerates learning and transformation.  Everyone has the ability to shine and contribute in ways that are far beyond their present level.

Together, this coaching will unhook you from the limitations of your youth and launch you into new orbits of performance, peace, and joy.

Group Dynamics

Your Participation Matters

You have a unique set of abilities, when cultivated, will open your ability to achieve greatness. Your participation will be seen as part of your innate greatness. Those around you will recognize you for who you really are: Powerful, Loving, and Successful.

Your Questions and Ideas make a difference

Participation within a group accelerates success

Contribute your share

Each of us has something to share. Your happiness and fullfillment is directly linked to what you contribute to others. 

Reach higher

Personal growth and development is your right and your joy. Discover the happiness that comes from showing up powerfully for yourself and others.

Inspiration is your gift

When you open to the field of possibility you will enlighten your community and fulfill your destiny. 

Everyone has a place and a purpose

You are here to make a difference. It may be different than you imagine, and when it is realized you will know your place.


Key Principles of Life

honor Your word

Who you are is your word. When you honor what you promise and intentionally do what you say you will do when you said it would be done is the foundation for a powerful successful life.

Be Responsible

There is no greater awareness than “you are responsible for your life.” Those who live from here are at the very cause of success, joy, and fulfillment.

Play full out

You get what you give. Those who share and take on the coaching always get the results promised. Stepping up your game in life begins here.

From Our Founder Dr. Robert Pope

Make Your Own Opportunities

Every member of a group adds to or distracts form the group intention. We ask each member of the group to take on being responsible for the success of everyone participating. That means you will be supported by everyone in the group who are also committed to your being successful. This is the power of cooperation. 

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