“Nothing you experience is caused by anything outside of you.  You experience only the effect of your own choice.”

“People always act consistent with the way their world occurs to them.  In each moment, we act consistent with the way the situation occurs.”


Transperative methodology is the leading edge of breakthrough coaching technology. We focus on what frees people up from their past misperceptions about themselves, the world, and others.  When we operate from a limiting and fearful perspective, we experience ourselves as less-than others and we often compensate by trying to prove that we are more than others.  We succeed in this for a time and build upon it and when we don’t succeed on being better than others, we will cope by avoiding those areas of life where we don’t measure up and we will sink into levels of despair.  Eventually, life loses its luster, we live “safely”, constrained and limited – often resigned and cynical.  This little life fails to bring the deepest desires for satisfaction and fulfillment.

When we are freed up from the constraints of the past, our view of life alters and our trajectory shifts, then we experience exhilaration by being unleashed, freed up, and empowered.


Operating in greater awareness translates into having more real power to create and manifest into our lives that which we really desire.  Power is equivalent to the speed that one can translate their intentions into reality.  Those that have great power manifest their desires with alacrity. Those who have little power struggle to have what they really want in life.  Power is the byproduct of operating in paradigms that are truer.  Only truth is true, and our relative truths are more powerful the more they come into alignment with TRUTH.  This is the raising of consciousness.


TRUTH and REALITY are synonymous.  The issue is that we confuse our interpretation of reality with reality/truth; when in TRUTH, reality is what remains when we stop believing in it.  Truth doesn’t require our belief in it to exist.  Our beliefs only distort truth. Believing in truth and knowing truth are very different experiences.

We are constantly diminishing truth with our beliefs, judgements, assessments, opinions, conclusions, and assumptions.  When we are willing to question all of our beliefs, assumptions, etc. we begin to have space and openness sufficient for the truth of reality to be realized.  Operating in truth is essential to our spiritual and physical well-being.  Progression in life is a function of operating in greater and greater levels of truth.

“By their fruits shall you know them,” may best be applied to beliefs.  We have within us Innate Knowing of Truth that reveals the degree of relative truth we are operating in though our emotional body.  When we believe truth we feel good, when we believe lies we feel bad.  This simple understanding alone will transform many mistaken judgements of one’s self and others.  Therefore, when one is suffering, the healing is facilitated by questioning and investigating all the thinking!  For that is the source of all suffering. The key question to every judgement and assessment is: “Is that true? Can I absolutely know that it is true?”

When are thinking is clear, our actions are consistent and aligned with our desires.  This brings forth that which we are intending.


Language is powerful!  We create by the power of our word.  We create everything by our word.  What we say to our self (the inner dialogue) and others (spoken conversations) gives us our personal world.  We are literally a network of conversations and the conversations one participates in dictates the quality and nature of life for them.

Being powerful in life is determined by one’s relation to their word.  For human beings, integrity is wholeness, completeness, and workable.  How we honor our word, how impeccable we are with our word, determines the quality of our life.  The powerful honor their word as their very self, the weak do not.  Being clear and concise in our conversations, communication, and relationships are cornerstones of effectiveness and efficiency.  This is INTEGRITY; doing what we say we will do – honoring our word.

Action is your only access to high performance. Action includes speach acts. What you say and give your word to determins your success. Transperative methodology identifies where you are bound by inner conflicts that inhibit you being consisitent in your actions and word, and clears that double bind.


Transperative coaches are committed to assist in the transformation of any individual or group that has a desire and commitment to do so.  Transformation is operating in a new realm of consciousnes with new possibilities.  To operate in a new realm means that the limitations of the former realm are missing and anything can be created in this new realm.  Here, in this new realm, there is more power, freedom, peace, and ease!

Imperative is a distinction of timing and necessity.  NOW is the only moment of time that anything can happen.  We always are operating in the doing world NOW.  The thinking mind thinks now, but it becomes impotent when it concerns itself excessively or gets lost in the remembered past or imagined future.  Much joy and happiness is lost in trying to fix the past or predict the future to avoid suffering.  We learn to trust “what is” as the highest order, forgive ourselves our misperceptions and erroneous interpretations.  We take full responsibility for our life and all of our experiences.  We transcend the victim mentality, and gain conscious participation in the co-creation of our life.  WE BEGIN NOW!


Transperative coaches listen in a particular way that leaves others freed up, gotten, empowered, and responsible.

The client is the expert in their life and that includes their businesses, relationships, and health.  What is meant by expert is that they are the ones experiencing all that.  The coach is an expert in listening: He listens for that which is powerful, and that which is not.  He hears what is important to the client, bringing clarity and compassion.  He is powerful in distinguishing the inner causes of a client’s loss of power, freedom, self-expression and ease.  The coach leads the client into the discovery for himself/herself the access to their authentic expressions.  This experience leaves the client with greater power, clarity, freedom and joy.  Their lives and the areas they impact in life are transformed to greater levels of workability, success, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

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