All issues arise from mind. Mind is an infinitely large field that we are within. It is not the same as brain, but the brain is the mechanism of interacting with mind for the biological human. In the computer analogy, brain is hardware, mind is software. By correcting the corrupted software, the hardware can produce accurate results.

To correct the issues in society and health, we must correct the faulty belief systems or at least upgrade them to operate with greater love.

 What are the practical and pragmatic steps to change or evolve from the current situation?

The first step is recognition that there is an issue and a need for correction. Second is to be 100% responsible for the issue you are experiencing. Third, realize that the error is in the thinking, identify what that thinking is, and then allow the thought to be corrected. Willingness to see this situation differently is essential. Often it is extremely useful to work with someone who has expertise in identifying and undoing the error and can assist in acquiring a new perspective that gives light to solving the issue while leaving you empowered and effective. This is something that can be learned and developed such that anyone can do this for themselves.