Do you recognize the symptoms of misperception? The top 3 symptoms are confusion, guilt, and anxiety. Our emotional body is designed to inform us when we are operating in a perspective that is loving, true, and correct for the situation. We experience being peaceful, empowered, and inspired. Any depression, emotional distress, anger, etc. are indicators of error in perception.

What do I do about this?

First, by taking on being responsible for your experiences and desiring truth, you will easily recognize how much of what you believe is disempowering, false, and in need of being upgraded.

Next you can be confident that your essence is based in truth and love and by removing the false, that which is true is easily revealed.

Finally, you are designed to be guided by the unified intelligence of Eternal Being. By intending to and listening for guidance from The One Mind, your life trajectory will be one that leaves you satisfied, fulfilled, and successful.

Beneficial outcome

You will experience greater power, greater influence, being at peace with yourself, and the simplicity of being guided by The One that knows. This One is who you really are.

Action steps

Question every thought that doesn’t feel good. Be willing to clean up the mess you make in your life with those you impact. Forgive yourself first, but not for what you did but for your judgments. Accept forgiveness unconditionally. Always be forgiving of others. Be willing to be corrected. Be willing to see things differently. Get the best coach you can. Invest in your personal transformation. When you are aligned in reality, your world, the world will reflect your love, your acceptance, and your contribution.

The 4 keys are:

        Desire to be the source of happiness and workability for all

        Intend to be responsible, integrous, and loving

        Accept that all life experiences are stepping stones to your greatness and all things work together for your good.

        Surrender to life as Life.

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