In my life so far, sharing what I have to say with others in a written format has not been a passion.  I prefer to talk with you face to face, feel your emotions and read your body language.  Maybe I feel more in control and better able to react to a conversation rather than someone who leads one.  I am committed to shift that pattern and begin sharing with others what I now value from all the many learning experiences.  So here goes.  Lessons I have learned about having a happy joyful life!

The first lesson is the lesson of telling it like it is!  I would call this aligning with reality.  Reality used to be subjective, but as I have learned how foolish that was I got more aligned with reality as reality. Where I used to be coming from was more perception.  Reality, what is as is, is much simpler.  Reality is passionless! It doesn’t care what I want or what I think about it.  I do, but reality doesn’t.

Why do I say this?  Reality is not as much what one thinks, it is the literal tangible stuff.  It has matter and exists now.  My perception determines my reality, but not reality itself. This distinction then determines how I feel at any moment.  I can’t change reality but I can alter my perception thus altering my experience. Peace is the result of bringing my perception into alignment with what is, not in trying to change reality to fit my perception.