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IF NOT YOU, WHO? Waiting for someone else to do it, kept me out of the experience of peace and joy. To realize each moment that no one is coming to my rescue had me realize, I am the one! I am the savior I have been waiting for. It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. It is time to end the insanity that keeps my life stuck in old patterns I know don’t work.

I AM NOT ALONE. I am, nonetheless, responsible for being fully engaged in creating Heaven on Earth. It is what I was born to do, it is what I have always wanted, it is within me to do it and with my cooperation I will have it. The answers and the means are within and I have access to them. There is, however, something in the way and that is what must be discovered and removed.

Finding the barriers to love is simple and complex because the main barrier is thinking. It is the unexamined thoughts that leave me in fear, sadness, or anger. The same level of thinking that caused the problem can never be sufficient to solve it.  It takes my willingness to allow my higher Self, centered in my heart, to interpret life for me.

Investigating the thoughts as to their truth, engages the heart and at the level of heart, love is present always and the deeper truths are revealed.

About Robert D Pope

Dr. Robert Pope has created a new distinction in the world of well-being and healing called: Integral Ontology For over thirty years he has been in the Chiropractic profession and now takes the technology of alignment to the next level. His expertise in bringing the egoic self into alignment with the higher self (Source) supports his mission of assisting in the raising of the consciousness of this planet to the level of joy. He is the creator of Transperative Method Coaching and Joy of Alignment Seminars. His passion is facilitating transformation and he considers himself to be an Integral Ontologist. Fluent in Applied Kinesiology and integration, he dynamically alters the course of his clients life by aligning them with JOY!


  1. What a great thought. You are the only person that stands in the way! It feels so nice to take responsibility for yourself!

  2. When you are aware of the 100%/0% rule of responsibility, everything gets more clear. The funny thing is life has always been this way, but the awareness of this has not. Responsibility does not mean “who’s to blame”, it means being at the cause of something. It is a place of power and of love.
    100% means I am the one. No one else is at the core cause of my life being the way it is but me. Marriage partners, business partners, etc. have a role in co-creation, but they do not cause my life to be the way it is.
    Thank you for your response!

  3. This world would be a much better place if everyone would just take responsibilty for themselves and stop blaming others. You can justify almost anything and you can get really good at blaming others, but it wont get you anywhere!

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