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Thou shall not judge, the proclamation read, yet judge was all “it” did.

Assessing, evaluating, comparing, on and on “it” goes…unending.

The proof, accumulations piled higher and higher, like kindling tinder

With branch and logs of pointing fingers prepared the funeral pyre.

Condemn them to hell and let them burn the Preacher demanded.

Yet mercy stepped in, holding up a mirror so large, “it” saw “its” reflection;

 “For with that same judgment ye judge, shall you be judged.

Stunned by the vision so vivid and clear, losing self deception

It threw Its-self into the fire without hesitation.

In this burn without heat, this fire so brilliant, “it” vanished as smoke

Reborn free to express the Divine I AM… the Emergent Creator spoke!

 Robert Pope – 2009

About Robert D Pope

Dr. Robert Pope has created a new distinction in the world of well-being and healing called: Integral Ontology For over thirty years he has been in the Chiropractic profession and now takes the technology of alignment to the next level. His expertise in bringing the egoic self into alignment with the higher self (Source) supports his mission of assisting in the raising of the consciousness of this planet to the level of joy. He is the creator of Transperative Method Coaching and Joy of Alignment Seminars. His passion is facilitating transformation and he considers himself to be an Integral Ontologist. Fluent in Applied Kinesiology and integration, he dynamically alters the course of his clients life by aligning them with JOY!

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