1987 was the year I first was aware of the concept of transformation. Aware in a way that was different from the Disney movies I saw growing up.  The stories of forgivenessSleeping Beauty and Cinderella depicted a magical form that seemed to be speaking and referencing fantasy not reality.

To transform you must desire a different way of seeing the world, seeing yourself, and others; to consider loving in a manner that at first may seem surreal and yet unreasonably familiar.  As Sleeping Beauty was awakened by the kiss of the charming prince, so too was I beginning to awaken from the dream of fear by the kiss of loving forgiveness.

These thirty years has continued that process, sleeping at times beneath the blankets of fear and again awakening over and over into greater awareness of unconditional love.  For me, Transformation is a shift in consciousness into new realms of possibilities based on love and truth.  The movement up in vibrations of love continue as the egocentric fear based thought systems are dissolving, continually evolving into an inclusive love centered expression.

Access to transformation requires only willingness and a desire to know truth.  Truth, probably most debatable of concepts cannot be accurately described in language but may be approached in terms of loving reality.  Truth and Reality are synonymous.  Reality is expressed in Philip K. Dick’s statement that “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”  The Truth is ineffable, beyond words, but knowable from within our Self.

When one is transforming over time, the experience is an increase of kindness to self and others.  It becomes more inclusive and less about one self.  Naturally this kindness is expressed in goodness.  I was once afraid that if I was truly free I would act destructively and be known as evil.  Yet my actual experience was and has consistently been more loving, good, and beautiful.  As I have witnessed others transform their lives, I experienced them as kinder, more forgiving, allowing and truly good.

The obstacle to transformation is fear, a need to be ‘right’ to make others wrong, to judge, condemn, hold grievances and withhold love to punish and control oneself and others.

Trust is the key.  Trusting in the reality of a benevolent universe, aligning with the currents of love flowing through life.  The trust of a child.

Transformation is inevitable, your free will determines the timing.  It is impossible not to be who you truly are, but it is possible to forget and dream of yourself as separate, alone, and weak.  Awakening from this dream is imperative for those who want to experience greater peace, joy, freedom, and power.  Relax into life, trust life as it expresses through you, let go of your resistance and deepen into the currents of love.  When you are tense, just surrender into the present moment, relax, breath slowly and deeply, trust this moment to be for YOU!