Once again we are witnessing the consciousness movement take center stage for sexual abuse. The awareness and equality of power concerns of humanity, the society, and the individual are on loud speaker concerning predator-victim, inequality in the workplace, abusive power structures. I applaud and honor the women and men who are making a stand, calling out their abusers and demanding a change.

A new level of consciousness must be invoked for real change to arise.  Primarily it is the individual consciousness that must evolve into greater levels of personal responsibility and inclusion. Specifically, it is a must to address the suffering of the victim/perpetrator dynamic within each individual and its expression into our families, society and world at large. Abusers and the abused are interlocked in an integral dance. The prevalent solution for this is to venerate the victims and abuse the abusers. It is assumed that if we punish the abusers they will stop. It seems to for a while, but does it? How could victimizing the abusers end abuse and victimization?

We are attempting to solve the interpersonal wars with cultural war. Hardly the solution. If that worked, we would have been free of victimization thousands of years ago. The historical approach is an insane solution to an insane problem. We must be willing to see this situation from an entirely different perspective. We must affect a true healing at the level of cause…and that is perception. To attempt to change behavior without a profound change of mind is foolish and ineffective, and above all only perpetuates the dysfunction.

When there is a powerful shift in perception, the new view of life calls forth better behavior, greater compassion, and a desire for cooperation and equality.

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