In 2002, I was counseled: “If you want to be truly happy, develop a passion for being wrong!”  My first reaction was to dismiss this, but it touched something within me that resonated as true. I don’t like being wrong, I prefer to be right. After years of practicing surrender it’s gotten easier and I often look forward to being wrong. This has led to more happiness and joy and a deeper sense of connection.

This is a core tenant of Transperative Coaching. My clients love getting freed up from their limiting beliefs, concerns, and constraints. It is the fastest approach to satisfaction and happiness.

Metaphysics of Progress to Happiness

To understand my point of view of progression, let’s begin with everything is energy. Consciousness is a product of intelligent energy and that includes you. All energy has a vibratory nature which is measured in amplitude and frequency. In consciousness the higher frequencies are more loving and more powerful.

Truth and power are correlated. Since consciousness is perceptual for us, higher consciousness has more power relative to truth. When truth is seen from a higher perspective and assimilated, you have more power to operate and create with.

Our original nature is light and truth. That is a primordial fact and points to the reality that we are whole, perfect, and complete.

Belief is not the same as truth. Beliefs are patterns of thought and are not truth. Truth is absolute and not a belief. Thoughts are energy and patterned in ways that create our experience of reality. Beliefs are relatively false or true and can be measured energetically, especially using applied muscle testing.

Believing something that is not true causes stress and when challenged with a muscle response test, shows a sudden weakness in the previously strong muscle.

False beliefs are the primary cause of all stress, loss of power, loss of freedom, loss of ease.

Progression of consciousness happens when a belief that is false is seen as false instead of true.

Our beliefs are personal, and we love them. When challenged we often go into defense, holding tight to our precious beliefs as if they were who we are. Truth needs no defense.

Progression requires that all beliefs, assumptions, opinions, and truisms be challenged by bringing them into the light of inquiry. That which is true will remain and only the false will fall away. Thus, we remember more of who and what we are.

Whenever anyone of us release a false believe we gain more power, we feel lighter, and we rise in consciousness. This is progression from darkness returning us to the light that we are.

Practice willingness to give up personal “truths” for TRUTH. It is the pathway to joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Here is simple test: hold a thought (beliefs, and belief systems) in mind and notice how you feel. Feelings are great indicators of the relative truth of what you are believing about yourself, others, and the world.

Truth feels good, falseness feels bad. It really is that simple. Ponder this: “would you rather be right or happy?”

“Who knew that being wrong could bring so much happiness!”

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