People act consistent with the way the situation they are dealing with occurs to them. How life seems to be impacts all behavior.

The way life is seen is filtered though the perception of the individual and that perception is belief based. Beliefs are inherited. They are taught to us as children in our process of being domesticated and enculturated. We adopt the beliefs in our culture and we make up our own unique variations of beliefs.

To be effective in transformative change, we must see ourselves, our world, and our situations differently.

Humanity operates mostly from unconscious, habitual patterns that are inherited. We do what we do, and we probably couldn’t really tell how or why we do what we do. We may think we know why, but in my life experience and having worked with patients and clients for 40 years, we don’t really understand. And the belief that we do is probably the first belief to undo.

Transperative Methodology focuses on undoing our attachment to beliefs that limit and block our productivity, success, and happiness.