Yesterday I was working with a client who came in with questions about food allergies. She wanted to have me assist her identify which foods she was allergic to. I have successfully used Applied Kinesiology to identify foods that stresses the body when eaten or digested. As we began our conversation and I listen to her history and current complains about her health, my energetic read showed no allergic foods nor processes. She has stress on digesting food, but not from allergic responses to food.  Surprisingly, I said something I had never said before: “You have a paradigm disorder!”

A disorder is a problematic state that interferes with your functionality. Optimal function in any domain of your life would be a favorable state. (A paradigm is a set of concepts, theories, and belief patterns, created in language, causing experience to occur in very peculiar and consistent ways.)

Thoughts and forms are essentially energetic patterns. Paradigm energetics patterns interact with the energy patterns of the body and mind. Coherent energies interact favorably with the body while incoherent energy patters disrupt and interfere with functionality.

New energies of consciousness are arising all the time. Life is always changing, inviting growth and change. Old paradigms that have worked in the past may be insufficiently compatible for who you are now, and for who you are becoming. A non-upgraded, incoherent paradigm is a source of distress and disease. Some may be causing physical symptoms that affect eating and digestion. Others may impair heart function, nervous system, or immune systems. Others may interfere with hormonal balance. Others will show up in mental and emotional distress, depression, anxiety, rage, resentment, jealousy, or paranoia. HEALING IS REQUIRED.

This new insight revealed a way to talk about and deal with physical complaints that seem to have no physical cause.  I have dealt with energy and consciousness healing for many years as a chiropractor and healer. However, this paradigm epiphany was “spoken” through me with a more lucid profundity than ever before. I could readily see that peculiar combinations of beliefs systems had created stress on her digestive system. The energetics of her paradigms were interfering with her ability to digest her foods. Those energetics effect physiology and her biology, previously misperceived as allergies.

To heal, it is essential to develop a willingness to revise your view of yourself and life. That may mean developing a quality of intending and allowing yourself to be changed, upgraded or revised. Change may occur as dramatic experiences from time to time. New paradigms are required to have your life function on new levels and work in this new consciousness.

It seems there is a natural resistance to change. (This is one of the first paradigms that could be upgraded.) What if you were willing and looking forward to constantly changing. Would you be willing to relax into unfamiliar states of being, to walk into places that are new and unknown? Could you surrender your ‘already knowing’ of yourself and live in a state of wonder? As you relax, you are open to new paradigms arising!  THIS IS HEALING.

We discussed her situation and then, using Applied Kinesiology, explored some of her concerns. We identified a frightened 3-year-old inner child who was in distress from the chaos in her family. She was stuck in a control struggle. This struggle has continued well into her adult life with far reaching consequences affecting her health and her interpersonal relationships. She is ready and willing for this to change. The correction began when we cleared her paradigm of control. I used the double-bind clearing technique to change the energetics and she saw how the control paradigm, that she innocently created, was stressing her digestion. She needed to be controlled to be OK, but she was unwilling to be controlled. Her controlling nature was passive aggressive, and she avoided being controlled by leaving the situation, the relationship, the job, etc. Yet she found herself being drawn back into relationships and jobs that controlled her. As we worked together to clear this old paradigm, she noticed her stomach relaxing.  

This session was the beginning of identifying and clearing the paradigms affecting her health. These form to manage what seems difficult or unmanageable. Yet paradigms have their own detrimental effects which unconsciously disrupt health, well-being, and relationships.

“Can you see the predicament? The inner ‘upset 3-year-old’ is struggling to survive the only way she knows how – control! While you, partially in denial of this control struggle are attempting to survive and thrive with the wisdom of an upset three-rear-old, without a new paradigm.”

The innate intelligence, at the core of each cell, is drawing us toward truth, centering us in love. We will continue to relive the dysfunctional patterns in our health and relationships until we see them and take responsibility for them. When we bring the light of truth to these patterns, meeting them with love, acceptance, and allowance, they begin dissolving and eventually disappear. The double-bind clearing not only clears the stuck energetics, it can provide personal insight about why and how her life has been showing up. This conscious awareness along with the non-conscious energetic correction, sets up an opportunity for the client to intentionally shift the way she talks about herself and life, thus altering her occurring, her behavior, and her health. This is the essence of the mechanics of conscious healing.

During our session she got for herself that being controlled is not real. Everyone has agency!

We say we are controlled when we are not being responsible. We manipulate others and trade “being controlled” to get love, acceptance, approval, or security.

Her attempts to control came out of her desire to feel safe, not knowing her innate power and invulnerability.  Her new paradigm has her aware that she is 100% responsible. Now she knows that she, and she alone, has always been the one at cause of how situations occur to her.

Old patterns are resolute habits and they will persist even after the energetic healing. It takes consistent attention to responding differently over time for a new pattern to emerge as dominant.

To assist her shift into a new pattern, I gave this client an assignment to listen and watch for all the ways she attempts to control herself and others and the way she reacts to being controlled. 

When you see and hear what you’ve been doing and acknowledges it, the old patterns will lose their hold. What was running you has been unveiled. Now you have a say whether it will continue. The old paradigm can be seen and given up and a new way of responding implemented. The work is yours to do! You are the master of your domain and the one with power to shift your life. It is not another’s responsibility to do it for you. Others may assist you, but you must do the work. And by doing so, you’ll discover for yourself, you have always had to the power to heal yourself.

This morning I was sharing this “Paradigm Disorder” phenomenon with my wife. She immediately saw a perfectionistic paradigm that has her “put on a better face” literally and figuratively in order to be acceptable and seen as an expert in her businesses. She has been aware of the impact of this for a while, but today, she saw the problem as a paradigm disorder. The paradigm she was stuck in is “perfection”.  

Perfection is a personal ideal, a standard, that must be met to be perfect.

The paradigm shift happened when she realized that the closest thing to perfection is “what’s so” now.  “What is” is the highest order, there is nothing else. Each new moment is “what’s so” now. Align with this and there is nothing to control or try to get perfect. “It is what it is!”

Consider that control and perfection are constructs that are made up. They are not real, they exist only in language. 

What do you see is possible free of the concern for control and perfection?

To live in an inquiry, to surrender what you think is true and real, not already know yourself, is the way. The masters find their mastery and connection to Source, by these methods.

It is the same for you. Are you ready? Are you willing?