Growth is natural and happens without much of your attention or intention. Development coincides with aging and we have many systems around us that attempts to develop us in ways that works for the family, community, country, etc.

Personal growth and development starts with you. It begins by being responsible for your future and who you want to be in that future. How intentional do you want to be about you and your future? Next it asks you to give up everything that you know about yourself, undo the false assumptions and conclusions you have about yourself and others. Then leap into the unknown to remember the Truth that is always true.

Intentional transformation is a quantum leap for most of us. There are many programs that assist with this. My favorite is Landmark Education. Their foundational Forum gives people a consistent experience of being transformed in ways that are loving, enlivening, powerful, and inspirational.

To experience an awakening to your untapped potential  is incredible and amazing. When I did their Forum, it opened up potential that was life altering. I felt more power, freedom of expression, and joy. It was an experience I will never get over. After eight years of participating in many programs and assisting many more, I realized how much joy I experience by taking on my personal growth and development.

I have had many coaches and still to this day have a coach assisting me with my transformation. I’m clear that I could not do this alone. I am grateful for all those who have been a stand that my life is working and flourishing. Transformation never ends and thinking there is a place to get to where it does it foolishness. Here is one way of saying it: “You are on a journey without distance to a place you never left.”  

Transperative Coaching methodology brings people present. They discover that here and now is when they have power, freedom, and joy.

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