Contribution - a Life Style


Imagine that contribution was a way of life and not a momentary donating to someone or charity. Contribution is who you are when you know your greatest nature. Living as contribution is filled with satisfaction, ease, and joy. It is an expression based in love and freedom. There is no concern for reward, no sense of loss, no looking for praise or acceptance. It flows naturally from a state of extending love.


Here is a report from a client who got this distinction and the difference it is making with his family. He and his wife have 4 children under the age of 10.


‘My friend Christ said it best, “…the Truth shall make you free.”

The greatest power to shift my experience of life has come to me not through anything I must do or not do, but through simple distinctions which aim my nature closer toward Truth. The fun of it all is experiencing the breath of Truth as it flows into me and ripples back out; Truth is one breath.

“Out of the many powerful distinctions Robert has invited me to experience, the distinction between “life as a chore” and “life as contribution” has been the catalyst for a quantum shift which continues to hum and magnify within my family and Eternity.

“It’s incredible that such a simple Truth can shift the universe of experience not just for me or my family, but for all that is. Truth is potent and the plenum of total joy.

“Let’s be honest, Life as a chore is a goddamn bore… and it royally sucks!

“Life as Contribution is playful, joyous, peaceful, and kind.

In the past, my modus operandi was in the spirit of “life is a chore” and my kids bought into this story, which means all of us resisted the functions of family life. The language we used internally and toward each other were “have to, must, required, need, etc.” The freedom to choose or express was absent.

“This dysfunctional energy manifested differently for each member of the family; myself, my wife, and our four children. The time was now to seek a new way and correct the dysfunction.

Enter the quantum leap in experience to “Life as Contribution.”

Life as Contribution is powerful.

“My wife and I now invite our children to meet each morning and night and state what each of us want to “contribute” for the day. In this space each person gets the opportunity to express themselves fully, without interruption, and with the full support of the family. We review the schedule for the day and fit within that schedule each person’s contributions.

“We end the meeting with prayer and expressions of gratitude for each other.

‘My God! Creating the space for “Life as Contribution” to manifest has transformed my little family effortlessly and to a depth I previously didn’t know existed!

“We each choose into the tasks we are willing and happy to contribute to the family, because of Love and a mutual desire for Joy in the home. The kids LOVE these meetings, they crave them. I crave them! The fulfillment is truly a joy.

“The meetings are just our personal tool, it’s the space we created for the transformation to saturate our hearts. The real power is the shift from experiencing “life as a chore,” something that must be done, to “Life as Contribution,” something that is mutually joyful, supportive, and fun.

“Life is Contribution: This simple Truth set us free.”

Kyle Copeland



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