An Effortless Life


Have you ever wanted to have a life that seems effortless, that flows? Today I have that life, but it hasn’t always been that way!

The most traumatic and yet transformational decades of my life were the 1990’s. During the first half my life broke down. I am married with 5 children, struggling in my chiropractic practice to make a living. I am unhappy in my marriage. I am questioning my faith? I am having predictable migraine headaches every weekend.

I try to hang on to the life I thought I should be having, yet failing. I couldn’t continue pretending that I was happy. My business deteriorates and I sell my practice only to take it back a year later when the buyer failed to make the payments. I limped along but emotionally had quit. I divorced my wife and left her taking care of the children. Sold our house to pay off debts and gave the rest to her and kids. The stress of leaving left me frightened, alone, miserable, but my migraines stopped.  Within 2 years, I left my religion, I quit my practice, sold my office building, my equipment, and “ran away” to NYC to be with my new girlfriend. Six months later she tells me: “get out! You are consuming me!”

I collapsed in despair and darkness. I felt like protoplasmic goo in the corner of the room! A friend took me in for 3 days while I contemplated my life, my direction, my survival. Late afternoon on the third day he asked me what I was going to do?  I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know.” He pointed to the stairs that took me to my room saying, “go figure it out!” I sat on the bed and began to pray. I needed direction. Amazingly, I had enough awareness to actually listen for an answer… I heard two clear options. This was a breakthrough. I choose option 2.

My life took 180 degree turn. What had happened was for my good. I was going through an undoing, a dismantling of the old. Everything I thought was true I questioned. I developed a passion for being wrong, I opened up to new experiences, I discovered new paradigms, I experienced forgiveness and acceptance. The latter half of the 90’s set me on a course of self discovery and awakening. The last 20 years have continue to challenge and transform my life. I am happily married, I have a wonderful relationship with my grandkids, my children and their mom. Everything is different and there is ease and joy in my life. I know who I am, I know what I am, and I know how I serve.

Here are a few key elements I learned along the way for you to consider:

  • We are designed to grow and develop throughout our life.
  • Catalytic trials are necessary for learning and developing  character. Look forward to them.
  • Suffering can be highly transformative if you don’t get stuck in it. You cannot stay stuck, eventually you will evolve. Deliberately choose every moment for growth will speed your ascension.
  • Real growth is an elevation of consciousness moving from fear to love.
  • Struggling is an indicator of resisting growth, resisting life, and denial of what you are authentically.
  • Surrendering into something bigger than yourself only seems frightening. It is ecstatic!

An effortless life is possible and available if you are willing to shift your entire perspective about who and what you are. With guidance, this transition can be experienced with grace, free of unnecessary suffering.

May you realize that you are held in the hands of unconditional love. You are precious, loved and loving. You are not alone without hope.

In Joy,

Dr. Robert Pope

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