Memory Madness


Mind over Matter is this the Holy Grail, the Alchemist’s Secret, the Magical Mystical ability sought after? If only we had this power…we could change our world, live an exceptional life, and be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. 

This quest is much like the fish who has realized that water is the solution to its problem and now begins the tedious endless searching in the ocean for water.

The very nature of life is mind creates matter always. If that is true and we naturally do this and have always done this, why does life, my health, my relationships, and finances seem to be not working?

The triune component of life consists of spirit (the causal energy and information), mind (the intentional and organizing mechanism), and matter (the effect). These components are integral in their manifestation of one organism. Like fire has the components of heat flame and burning, life has the components of sprit, mind and body, inseparable and inter-related. To understand the relationship these must be spoken of as separate and distinct entities of which they are not.

In the creation of the body these aspects function in the following manner. Spirit is the architect; Mind is the builder and Body is the building. What spirit designs, mind creates and manifests as form.

What is often forgotten in the health industry is that the body (the life you experience) is the effect, ‘that which has already been created’. Because it is living organism, it is constantly being re-created. Its components are undergoing the process of death and rebirth, growth and decay. It is the normal process of life. Cells die and new cells are created. As this process is constantly occurring on all levels of the body, it is being refurbished and replenished regularly.

The master plan derived from source (spirit) is our blueprint of perfection. When the master plan has been corrupted in its interpretation by a confused mind (the builder), the body and life manifests stress and pain, dysfunction and dis-ease. Our traditional medical approach has been to throw chemicals at the body, like heaping more sticks and mortar into a collapsing building. This at best has only temporary effect. (Very often this is life saving and the best possible temporary solution until the building can be rebuilt correctly.) Until the master plan can be re-established when the corruption is corrected at the builder level (mind), the form or body will function in diminished capacity and life will occur as miserable.

The master plan is the spiritual creation and must be interpreted by the mind accurately. Therefore, it is essential that the builder (mind) not be confused. It is apparent in our lives that there is much confusion. The amount of war, turmoil, fear, depression, sickness and disease is rampant. Terror dominating in our world.

Medicine and mechanisms of survival alone cannot solve this problem. There must be an intervention of the mind. The mind must be cleared and restored to function properly. The mind has literally become corrupted with memories and programs that are confusing the builder that manifest as dysfunctions in the world (building).

The diagnosis: MEMORY MADNESS. Memory Madness is the result of a corrupted mind. This is a mind filled with limiting beliefs, fear-based reasonings, dogma, and falseness. It is passed on generation after generation. It distorts reality with patterns of thought that are insecure, guilt ridden, and angry. It produces behavior out of accord with love. These stressful patterns are physical, emotional and mental traumas still resident in the memory fields of the planet and the body. These patterns are experienced in the body as ripples of emotional distress, foggy thinking and irrational behavior. Feelings that we experience as negative (non-peaceful) are the first indication of this corruption. When one reacts to these feelings by acting out or suppression, the body is distressed. Accumulation of this stress takes undue toll on the body’s natural rebuilding capacities and the body further breaks down its resistance and this leads to further dysfunction, disease and death.

When the pattern of thought becomes habitual, the distortions of these energies are manifested in predictable body distortions recognizable as physical maladies, misalignments (postural distortions) and disease. There are published works that map out these distortion patterns and it’s easily available. What hadn’t been developed is a quick easy approach to correct the distortion pattern. Maybe the thought of something that would be easy and quick would be dismissed too easily. Slower approaches have been used with limited success. Affirmations had limited effect and took many months to have impact on the memory field of the individual. With the enmeshed web-like nature of belief patterns and memories, the un-doing process using affirmations alone would far exceed the life of the individual. In the months that it would take to over-ride a stressful belief with a more positive one, a generation of new stressful beliefs would be born and propagate within the mind. Other technologies which reframed the memory were far more effective than affirmations and yet still took the facilitator months of work with a client to make significant change. A combination of inquiry and integration is the most rapid and effective approach.

The power of the inquiry, as taught by Byron Katie, is that it doesn’t ask the individual to reframe anything, it only asks if the thought being attached to is true or not. The answer has to come from a place deep with-in the person. It can’t come from the same place the mind has relied on for its justification. A moment of mental stillness allows the answer to arise from the sane core. “Sanity doesn’t suffer…ever”. If the thought is stressful, then there is a misperception, a falseness, somewhere in the underlying beliefs. When the person discovers the truth internally, there is a sense of peace that arises from within that occupies the space of the stress. There is no need to reframe anything. The lie just falls away and in its place is truth, alignment with reality. This is joy. Memory Madness disappears in the face of truth. Truth, reality, ‘what is’, all describes the same thing. And the good news is that reality is always kinder than the story the mind was telling about it.

Often the question is asked, how do I know if it is true or not? The most effective way is to go into the feeling body and notice the effect of holding that specific belief and compare it to the feeling when the belief is dropped. Truth feels open, free, expansive, and peaceful. A lie feels closed, confusing, limited and stressful. Trusting feelings from this place are good indicators of truth. Next the old belief can be restated from an opposite perspective. This turn-a-round is the key that unlocks the fixated belief and returns it to its source.

Integrating the new perspective into the daily life of an individual is what will produce life change. There has to be a change in thought, word, action and deed to have the full benefits of healing from Memory Madness. This flows easily when there is alignment with truth, happiness and joy. This restores vitality, vigor, inner peace and purpose for living. Suffering ends and a new world of possibilities arises from within. The false self, ego, is revealed for the troublemaker that it is. Love, our essential nature, blossoms like a spring flower in the heart and will radiate outward to bless and serve others. Truth is revealed in quantum leaps. Beauty is seen in all things and goodness pervades each experience. This is joy. This is reality. Some would say; “This is Heaven on earth.”

Oh! There is more, much more. The good news is that it comes freely and easily when one aligns with reality, trusts ‘what is’ and opens to the inner guidance. This is aligning with joy and it is only the beginning. And what of the body, (the building)? The possibilities are endless. I suspect, when the builder is clear and uncorrupted, the building will be beautiful and filled with joy. We may just have to wait and see!

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